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How to take safety measures when installing tower internals

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When we are working in a closed area, there may be some unsafe factors, such as falling from high altitude, high temperature heatstroke, suffocation, etc. In order to ensure the safety of our tower internals staff, the following safety measures must be taken:

1. When working in the tower, the staff must wear clean rubber-soled shoes, and should not put their weight on the tower plate, but should stand on the beam or on the wooden board; the sealing surface of the manhole and the manhole cover and the nozzle at the bottom of the tower Protective measures should be taken to avoid smashing and blocking; handling and installation should be handled with care to prevent collision and contamination, and avoid deformation and damage. After the construction of each tray is completed, it must be checked whether there are tools, etc. left in the tower. The installation of tower internals should be carried out after the tower body pressure test is qualified and cleaned. Before entering the tower, the staff must take an oxygen test and leave the work card in the information bag near the manhole;

2. After the auxiliary ladder platform on the tower is installed, the tower internals should be installed. When installing, it should be carried out from bottom to top in sections. When installing the bottom tray of each section, safety measures should be taken to ensure personal safety. When filling the tower, the lifting tool must be safe and reliable, and the operator must be in a safe position.

3. When the staff works in the tower, a full-time security officer must be left outside the tower. The safety officer is responsible for formulating on-site safety technical regulations and on-site equipment safety operation regulations. Ensure the safety of the operators in the tower and prevent the personnel in the tower from fainting due to heat stroke. Operators inside the tower must keep in touch with full-time security officers outside the tower, equipped with walkie-talkies.

4. When installing the tower internals, if it is carried out in the hot weather in midsummer, be sure to do a good job of preventing heatstroke and cooling down. When personnel work in the tower, take ventilation measures. If necessary, install fans at the upper and lower manholes to enhance air convection.

5. The working time should avoid the high temperature working time around noon, and reasonably arrange the working hours of the operators in the tower when the temperature is high:Operators are required to go out of the tower every 1 hour to rest and breathe fresh air

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