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Common shortcomings in the production of ceramic packing

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1. Color difference

The causes of color difference are also various, raw materials, billet processing, forming and firing and other links, if the control is not good, color difference will occur. The causes of color difference mainly include:

1) The quality of raw materials used for the incoming billet fluctuates

2) Size change of pigment particles

3) The proportion of white material and color material changes

4) Temperature change during firing

2. Deformation

There are many factors that affect deformation, such as body formula, forming, drying system, etc., which can lead to deformation. For porcelain, the unreasonable setting of the temperature difference between the top and bottom of the roller table is the most common factor leading to deformation during the firing process.

Three: Spots and Holes

There are generally two types of spots, black spots and macular spots, and the cave-like spots at the spots are called melting holes. These two kinds of defects are often produced at the same time, and when the spots are serious, they become cavities. The main reasons are as follows:

①The raw materials contain minerals containing iron and titanium, such as biotite, pyrite, magnetite, ilmenite, etc.

②In the process of crushing and forming of raw materials, iron is brought in due to mechanical wear, such as mechanical iron filings, equipment and tool rust, metal filings and welding slag during equipment maintenance and repair.

③ Impurities mixed with environmental pollution and poor industrial hygiene, such as blasting slag, sediment, etc. The storage and transportation conditions of the green body are poor, and the surface is not cleaned when dust and foreign objects fall into the kiln.

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